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I'm Chris, a really queer fandom blogger, lots of feelings about Teppu and Harry Potter. They/Them pronouns.

Title: In Sickness or in Health

Words: 1223

Avatar: Legend of Korra


Asami doesn’t leave her side. Even into the latest hours of the night, she stays beside Korra, watching, guarding. There’s a darkness in her eyes now, lingering behind the depths that everyone else takes as exhaustion, but Asami knows.

Mako and Bolin say she’ll be fine. Tenzin doesn’t say anything, he just quietly believes that Korra will overcome. She always does.

Asami knows though.

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Ah jeez, so I guess it’s finally time to come clear about the drama.
Content warnings for mentions of #noncon #rape #gore and other potentially upsetting things for this whole dealio, so please proceed with caution.

If you don’t know what drama I’m referring to, please read these two links first: [1] [2]

Behind the cut because long and image heavy

[uncut by VastDerp because this needs to be seen]

Well, first things first, since I guess at this point there is no way around it anymore: one of the main reasons I tried my best to keep this matter private and not naming names is because this is a very personal topic to me, so suffice to say it has been pretty upsetting that this has been dragging on for so long.

Before I continue, I would ask all of you to please refrain from sending the person any hateful messages. The reason I’m posting this is mostly for me to get some closure, and because it’s obvious that they have no intention to stop messaging people about me. Again, I have no interest in changing their opinion on the matter since I’m sure they have their reasons for their way of thinking, but as I said before, the same is true for me, and I think both of us are quite unrelenting in our position.

Okay, I guess it’s time.
The person who started this is cronusamporaa (I think when he first messaged me he went under the name necromancercronus, but I’m not sure anymore - I’m gonna refer to him as atticro for the rest of the post since I think that has been his most consistent alias). Again, please do not send him hate or nasty or mean messages!

Also, I apologise in advance if this post is all over the place, I admit that I’m not good at stuff like this and I really didn’t want this drama to escalate to this point in the first place.

Now it’s time for screenshots. There is a lot of context missing, and I only have screenshots through pure luck since a nice friend of mine took a few just in case (this was months ago and I didn’t really expect I would need them, so that was good judgement on their part - especially since I’m not able to be on atticro’s blog without feeling nauseous)..

Let’s start.
So after atticro found out that I have been informed that he has been messaging people about me, he published our private exchange from the beginning of the year, back when this all started, and after which atticro started messaging people who used/reblogged my art for some months, which I didn’t know about until one person messaged me about it. The person who informed me also copy-pasted me the message atticro sent them:
(BTW, this was back when atticro didn’t know I go by “they”, and he apologized for it and used the correct pronouns ever since, so credit where credit is due, that was nice of him.)

So yeah, he published those private messages (I think this was after I posted the post I linked under [1])


Now him publishing those messages was very upsetting to me ( I even threw up). Since he asked me to respond privately, I didn’t expect him to post these publicly, which is why I implied that the picture in question was vent art, and also about it being a coping mechanism for a lot of survivors. I thought that maybe he didn’t catch my implications since I was very vague (I am probably still being vague, I apologize. It is very difficult for me to talk about this topic.) If I remember correctly, after I saw this post, I posted some kinda upset gif or something like that, after which he posted this.
You did indeed, friend. You did indeed. I guess being outed would count as that.

Sometime after he posted the screenshots, he got some anons, one of them said this:
So it seems at least one person caught my hint.
Another one said this:
Now this was pretty interesting information. It’s a little confusing for me that atticro is defending the stridercest fanfic with the reasoning that okay because the topic is depicted as something bad and wrong. I don’t want to sound self-absorbed, but I am quite confident in my ability to make horrible subject matters look appropriately gruesome in my drawings, so I’m not sure why that’s different? Hm, I suppose it’s a subjective thing. (Nah, it’s probably because Cronus.)
Either way, I think his reply does lend credence to the suspicion that it really isn’t about fighting rape-culture or whatever, but about his favourite character being depicted in a way he dislikes, like that anon said.
(On a side note, I think it was in pretty poor taste to use someone confiding they are a csa survivor as an opportunity to recommend them a stridercest fic, even if it handles the subject matter well. Just… that was really not the time, buddy.)

I hope this doesn’t sound petty, but I yeah, I don’t really appreciate atticro telling me how to deal with my experiences. Also, I didn’t take him for that naive. There are good reasons for not wanting to talk to therapists or other people about those things, because chances are good that has been tried before, and didn’t end so well. Unfortunately, victim blaming is very much a real thing. Even from therapists, family and friends.  


Okay, this would be around 4.13., since I remember that atticro offered a truce where he wouldn’t message any people during those days, and we could focus on the nice things in the fandom. That was neat. Anyway, looking at the tags, I remember in one private message he also reminded me that I have more followers than him, so him name-dropping me isn’t as severe as it would be if I did that, which is… kind of manipulative, considering I have no control over that :/ The thing is I said several times that I don’t even want to post his name in the first place, so I don’t understand what he’s referring to in those tags re: harassment. Oh well, now here we are with the name dropping either way. 

I think this is a reply to my post I linked under [2], as well as some of the comments to it.




A proper reply to this would warrant a separate post in itself, so I’m gonna try to put things brief and just address the fandom related stuff for now, because dang, there is A LOT to unpack otherwise:
First of all, I refuse to take responsibility for people not being able to read the canon material. Honestly, if people can’t differentiate between fanart and canon, that’s not really my problem. And their claims are so easily refuted too. Cronus didn’t exactly have a lot of screen time, so it’s pretty easy to find all of his logs or mentions of him and see, ding ding ding, nothing there about him being a rapist anywhere in canon! If people say he is, just ask them to prove it with canon. Spoiler: they can’t! And boom, problem solved. If they keep arguing about it, they will just end up making themselves look foolish.
Also, you know what? In the end, it doesn’t actually matter. Because see, even IF Cronus was canonically a rapist, that still doesn’t justify people harassing those who like him. Unless you think people who like Mindfang, who is canonically a rapist, deserve hate and harassment? The problem are the people giving others shit over fictional fucking characters - like you are doing, by the way. 

I’m not quite sure about the timeline after this anymore, I think at this point things have been pretty calm since atticro promised one of our mutual friends to stop messaging people. Things were nice and chill for a month or too. Three months ago I also posted this (WARNING for gore/blood/mutilation of a cute lil critter!!)  if you don’t wanna click it, it’s a pic of prawn!cronus, and then two bonus pics that I put under a cut where he gets his tail sliced in half to make it look like legs. If I remember correctly it was vent art about some rl stress, unrelated to the drama. Again, I put those under a cut and gave warnings and tagged it and everything.
So suffice to say, I was pretty baffled when my friend told me about atticro freaking out about it, since I thought he would try to avoid me as much as I tried avoiding him. What made him click the read more link despite the warnings and despite it being drawn by me, I just don’t know, man.image

I still don’t know, really. I’m sorry it upset him but I put it behind a cut for a reason. Like dang son. What did you expect?


It seems he even thought that I drew it to get to him. Which isn’t the case. Again, I was reasonably sure that he blacklisted/blocked me at that point, and would try to avoid me, since that was what I was doing. I didn’t expect him to see it, not to mention click on the read more.


I think he’s referring to this picture reply (nothing graphic). As I mentioned before, I don’t browse his blog, so I didn’t know about his nightmares - I merely replied to an ask. I think at this point it’s clear that it’s not about some kind of fandom justice anymore - it seems personal, and things that have nothing to do with him are seen as some kind of deliberate slight - which is confusing since, again, I gave warnings and put the pictures behind a cut. Incredible as it may seem, I have no interest in intentionally upsetting people. Also, the question still remains: WHY THE FUCK WAS HE STILL LOOKING AT MY BLOG? Why would you intentionally look at stuff that upsets you, I just don’t understand. 

Either way, some time after that atticro began messaging people again, and I found out he broke off the friendship with the person he promised to leave it alone.
Oh yeah, about that. So, atticro and I have quite a few mutual friends. Over the time I have been approached by some of them over this issue, and I was informed that he tried to rile them up against me. I have never mentioned our dispute to any of them, or talked about him. When this started I did ask one friend if they were ever messaged about me - I mentioned no names (and of course he messaged them.)
Seriously, trying to control who your friends are friends with is a lil fucked up, pal.
If any of them want to come forward about this issue, I leave it up to their discretion. 

So back to the old way of things, about a month ago I made this post out of general fandom frustration. At this point I had atticro and one of his friends (I’m gonna talk about that charming fellow another time) blocked and blacklisted, which is why I didn’t see notifications from them, but a friend told me that he apparently took that post pretty personally (though I didn’t even mention a fandom or character name). From what my friend told me, his reply basically boiled down to “NO U”. I did see the tags from one of the people from their group that I didn’t block though:


[Yo, blood-prince-of-persia, if you want me to blur out your name that’s cool, though I left it in for now since it was a public reblog of my post - also, reminder to not send nasty messages, this applies to atticro’s friends as well]

I think they are referring to the prawn!cro gore picture? Either way, I didn’t draw it to get back at their friend. Again, I warned and put the gore-y bits behind a cut specifically so people who don’t want to see such things can avoid it. Seems a little lackluster on the “getting back at someone” front. Also I don’t really know where the rape analogy thing comes from? He got his tail cut in half as a twist on the whole “wanting to be human” thing. There was no rape analogy or metaphor intended. I don’t really understand the need to paint me as some kind of deliberately cruel person who is trying to get a rise out of others when all I want is to be left alone, and for atticro to move on and focus on things he likes and that make him happy. I just wanna say that I actually like his art, so it’s a shame it has to be like this. I wish he was able to let his art stand on its own, without all of this pointless drama.

I guess this is a good point to end this post for now. I’m sorry it’s so incoherent and rambly, I’m really not good at stuff like this :c If things are unclear, feel free to ask!

Thank you for your time.


cronusamporaa, vantas-sea, threshking, blood-prince-of-persia and a few of their friends who have been on my ass for 11 months ever since i said “no. stop asking” to their attempt to keep me from posting Cronus meta on the tags where “impressionable children” might see it and get the wrong idea that the character isn’t a great guy.

Now I find out this bunch has been harassing another artist for half a year for posting clearly tagged, warning-heavy fanart on their NSFW flagged blog.

They have outed this person as a sexual violence survivor in their rush to rub puni’s face in “perpetuating rape culture”.


They have repeatedly conflated Puni and myself with a third party who “sent rape and death threats” for the purposes of making us all look like we are the bullies.


You want to know what I call bullying?


this shit is bullying.




You know what this is? This is the mythical “harassment” they’ve accused me of for eleven months. Right here. This is the good guys when they think they’re not being watched. Look how wonderful and morally righteous these fandom heroes really are, when they get someone in a corner who doesn’t fight back like I did.


This is fucking shameful behavior.


The worst thing is they’re doing it to protect a fictional goddamn character because cronusamporaa has major issues with projecting his sense of self onto that character and claims to be triggered into nightmares by seeing negative depictions of that character in fanart.


does any of this look like “just asking” to any of you?


Why would you throw a smarmy little “alleged” in there. Cats in heat make less disagreeable noises than the one I just made in my throat. What a nasty, fucked up little narcissist






and a final reminder of who really matters here:


I kept Puni’s name out of my own encounters with this rotten little clique, because Puni didn’t want to make trouble. But now I’ve got permission, and I’m off the chain.

tl;dr: Vantas-Sea and Cronusamporaa are self-appointed tag police, and if you make them mad by challenging them, you’re likely to star in their next rape/torture/murder chatlog fantasy! It’s okay if the fantasy is about real people, as long as you’re super mad at them and it makes you feel good. just leave Cro-cro alone because that’s illegal and bad and wrong and

Heads up, stay away from these guys.

Oh my god they’re totally about to have sex


is there a download link? is it up somewhere!? I see ya’ll busting out those gif sets already so don’t act like you don’t know! Don’t play dumb with me, just hook a fellow fan up!

If you buy the episodes on Amazon, they released two hours ago






"Waste of good ammo. It’s my privilege to buy you a replacement box."

"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity."

"I thank all Police, you are the ‘Thin Blue Line’ protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages. America is surely at the tipping point."

Just a few quotes (in case it’s hard to read) from that collection of donation messages for Darren Wilson.

Does anyone else want to say it’s not about race?

"I wouldve donated double this amount but you missed his accomplice" I swear to fucking god…

these people are pure evil. not misguided, not confused, nope.

evil to their cores

Okay, can someone with some hacking skills please release the names of the donors?

Hey Anonymous, i think i found a way for you guys to make up for messing up the doxing call from earlier

I just realized that there is like 4 chapters of teppu that i never posted my reactions to. Sorry Teppu guys, i’ll get on that tonight.




Tumblr: spreading the world apart, one group at a time.

Sometimes I think I’ve lost my faith in humanity. Today is auch a day.

Never forget that people accused me of being white when I stated that I dont consider people using makeup to be an accurate cosplayer is racist.

Oh look, everything i hate about tumblr’s discussion of CA and racism in one post.






Taylor Swift’s song is catchy but did she have to accessorize with black women’s bodies?

It’s hard to criticize Taylor Swift’s new single, “Shake It Off,” because it’s all about how dumb her haters are. Then again, when you intentionally culturally appropriate and then make a mockery of people who don’t want you to culturally appropriate, you sort of deserve to be criticized.

Released yesterday, the video is clearly meant for a younger audience — as you can tell from the tutus — but that only makes it more offensive when Swift dons gold hoop earrings and chains, high-top kicks and cut-off shorts and begins twerking. That’s also the moment when the whole video devolves into racist stereotyping and cultural appropriation. Swift is seen crawling underneath a black woman’s legs, looking up into her nether regions as she twerks to the beat of Swift’s song. She seems to think there’s something funny about all the talk about cultural appropriation in music.

Why her video is so problematic Follow micdotcom 

Sound off, Feminspire readers: What do you think of Taylor Swift’s new music video? 

Yes, her video is problematic, but I feel it is less so than Miley’s because of the context of her video. In the video, Taylor goes from “clique” to “clique” and throughout, she shows herself being goofy and not fitting in with any crowd. She looks the least awkward when she’s not in any clique, just in a group of people and enjoying herself. 

Meanwhile, Miley and many other recording artists try to make it seem like they belong in the “insert cultural/interest group here” to be cool or appeal to a certain group. Taylor is doing the opposite. She doesn’t look cool, she looks weird but she’s still having fun. She’s an ungraceful ballerina, an awkward techno geek, a goofy looking gangsta, and she’s silly in all of them.

Her intention wasn’t the same as many other singers out there. This doesn’t excuse the really awkward 2 second clip of a namelss, black, female dancer shaking her ass or any of the other cringe worthy moments in this video. It really doesn’t, but it’s worth a thought.

So much of the criticism coming from this seems to be based off of contextless screencaps and buzzwords. There was actually a very big twitter personality who said “I have not seen it, i refuse to see it on principle, and i don’t need to see it to call it racist”

This criticism is coming from someone who has not see the music video at all. Who only has screencaps and the opinions of others to go on. And this is why the trendy criticism on this work falls so short.

As Ops pointed out, the point of the video is that Taylor DOESN’T belong with all the groups she joins. She doesn’t fit in! And she often messes up what the group had going. That is the point. The point is that pretending to be something you’re not is often cringeworthy and doesn’t work.

As for the inclusion of twerking in the music video, like it or not, twerking has become a part of mass-culture. There is twerking videos on youtube from people in South Korea, Mexico, Egypt. You want to tell all these people that they’re not allowed to twerk because they are not Black Americans? Fuck no, that’s not how cultural appropriation works.

Cultural appropriation is sadly not as simple as tumblr makes it out to be. It isn’t “white person did something not created by white people, omg appropriation”

Cultural Appropriation is much more serious than that and frankly it’s offensive when it’s misused in petty disagreements on the internet. Actual cultural appropriation happens when one culture creates something that is unique to them, with clear cultural influences that tie into other elements of the culture, and it is taken away by a much larger and more powerful culture and any elements that made it unique are often erased, removing the distinguishable origin.

Everyone knows that white people did not invent twerking. No one is trying to say that they did. It has become a cultural phenomenon much like dubstep or, god save us, hipster fashion. It caught on with a lot of people, and then continued to grow in awareness and popularity until we now see it everywhere. Coming back to the video, yes there are nameless black dancers twerking in it. Guess what? Nicki Minaj’s video Anaconda also features nameless black dancers twerking. Is this not the same?

The thing is, this isn’t the same as what happened with Rock music, or Native American headdresses. And when people make half-formed arguments based off of context-free screenshots without even bothering to view the material they’re calling out, you are insulting every serious critique and discussion of cultural appropriation.


modern au bubbline bye